Why invest in

Brazil ?

There are good reasons to invest in Brazil, says the Industry Portal: “Brazil is the 7th largest consumer market in the world and the perspective is that by 2023 it will be the 5th. The growth model is based on population growth (currently there are 202 million inhabitants) and increased consumption of families, due to social achievements. In the last decade, 30 million people have risen to the middle class. 

Early adopter of technologies and processes, the Brazilian individual is connected and adept of social media. According to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), for the first time, almost two-thirds of the country’s population (69.8%) has an Internet connection.

There are 130 million users of all ages and social stratum.
So much connectivity makes the Country a barn for the new economy’s business, with the proliferation of startups, fintechs, lawtechs and securetechs, among others.

The General Data Protection Act, which changes the Civil Milestone of Internet, was recently sanctioned by former President Michel Temer and has 18 months to enter into force. Its purpose is to increase the privacy of personal data and the power of regulators to audit organizations.

Brazil is bordered by ten countries in South America and from a geographic point of view is privileged to have maritime access to North America, Europe and Asia, the current major destination of commodities.
Legacy of sporting events (2007 Pan-American Games, 2013 Confederations Cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics), the Country enjoyed a jump in quality in airports and urban mobility, especially in large capitals.

Currently, it stands out for receiving significant investments for the expansion of the logistics network, especially in railroads to facilitate the flow of production. Ports are also being expanded, according to the Industry Portal.



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