Why invest in


A strong and increasingly resilient economy. The State of Israel has presented us with significant GDP growth rates and an unemployment rate of 5% – one of the lowest in the world. And despite the many geopolitical challenges, Israeli economy is considered to be one of the healthiest and safest on the planet.

Known for its attitude, creativity and “chutzpah” Israel’s unique workforce is one of the main reasons behind global innovation and pioneering technologies, surpassing heavy competitors in drones, 3D printers, nanotechnology and cyber security, as well as other advances and industrial technologies.

It is a reference to water treatment, health, agricultural business, finance, and intelligent manufacturing and logistics.
Israel has the greatest concentration of engineers and doctors per capita in the world. So much research and investment make the country innovate successfully and be recognized for it.

Israel’s academic system renews itself every year and promotes a world-renowned and talented workforce. They are thinkers, creators, and filmmakers who on a day-to-day basis change the world.

A spiritual center and a potency of research, Israel is also a military homeland supported by strong values ​​and important allies, such as the United States and, henceforth, the Federal Government of Brazil.



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