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Brazil and Israel


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The LatamTech DNA

Seriousness, agility, excellence and broad market vision. Since 2016 we have aimed to connect companies from Israel and Latin America, seeking to carefully and deeply understand the challenges of our customers.
And we do it through three main areas: Digital Technologies, Digital Market Advisory and Market Opening for Companies.

By using frank and transparent communication, combined with a decade long business experience in the sector, we have created new business opportunities for Brazilians and Israelis, simplifying complex processes.

Because we understand the Israeli and Brazilian mindsets as few, we provide a better experience for companies that seek us, regardless of their size, in creating business in the digital technologies and innovations segments.

We know that having knowledge by itself is not enough anymore. You need to apply it. And we exist to eliminate those barriers, manage critical operations and shorten processes.
Welcome to LatamTech


We were born to connect and build solid bridges between Latin American investors and Israeli startups.
And through business we exist to eliminate communication barriers and cultural differences between these two poles.
We are customer focused and committed to always seek the most advanced and modern market technologies in a transparent and up-to-date manner.


To be until 2022 the main and most pragmatic hub of connection between Brazil and Israel, offering technology and innovation opportunities to customers and investors.


  • Honesty
  • Diversity
  • Cooperation
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Team work


Ariel Zeitune

Sales market and business developer enthusiastic, Ariel Zeitune has been performing users acquisition and users engagement for some of the largest and most relevant online services companies in the last 10 years, with outstanding success in Latin America, India and Southeast Asia. He has been building relations between companies from Israel and Brazil, such as Ybrant Digital, Adorika, RevenueHits (now Intango) and Kajamba.
Founder of LatamTech in 2016, Zeitune is defined as a “global business connector”, with great knowledge in marketing and technology. He aggregates his experience in negotiations and conflict management in multi-cultural environments with the capacity to generate business in five languages: Spanish, English, Hebrew, Portuguese and Italian.

Sérgio Zukerman Marchtein

Executive with more than 15 years of experience in business development, customer success, relationship with online and offline media companies and management of advertising agencies. Among his main skills are: entrepreneurial vision, business strategy, leadership and problem solving. Has significant practice in negotiations and conflict management in multicultural environments. Excellent communicator, he has a powerful and international networking. He founded two successful advertising agencies and co-founded We Comunicação. In 2015 moved to Israel, where he acted in two startups – FirstOffer and Roket Media – building bridges for the Brazilian market. In 2017 he teamed up with Ariel Zeitune at LatamTech, to open fronts for Israelis in the Brazilian market. Currently, he is a global business connector with vast knowledge of marketing and technology.

Why hire us ?

On the one hand, we have countries of Latin America, especially Brazil, that know the potential of Israel, but do not know how to use it.

On the other hand, we have the Israeli market, which is unaware of the potential and size of Latin American businesses, especially Brazilians, and insists on focusing on the North-Americans and Europeans.
We are here to connect these two realities, offering the most modern services through a strong understanding of the culture and communication of the two countries.
Our secret is “experience”: a decade of services provided in the area with appreciation of companies from Brazil and Israel.



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